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Looking for the ICSI IVF Treatment in Mumbai, Dr Rohan Palshetkar is the right choice for ICSI Treatment. ICSI is a type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedure in which a single healthy sperm is injected directly into an egg.

There are many advantages to ICSI. It is a simple, non-surgical procedure that can be performed in the doctor’s office or laboratory. It does not require any anesthesia, and there are no side effects for either the mother or the baby.

Icsi Ivf Treatment in Mumbai, is one of the most common treatments for infertility today. A woman who has been diagnosed with infertility can undergo ICSI as an outpatient procedure to help her get pregnant faster and with less risk than other infertility treatments like IVF.

Although infertility has long been a problem, people have only recently begun to talk about it. As infertility is discussed more and more, new techniques for addressing its problems are emerging. IVF is the most well-known type of assisted reproductive technology.

However, there are a growing number of other techniques that, like IVF, also have a higher success rate. ICSI is one of the most widely used techniques among these. It is frequently referred to as ICSI-IVF Treatment because it only requires a few more steps than IVF; it is not entirely distinct from IVF.

Know more about ICSI IVF Treatment in Mumbai

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is a type of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) that is used to treat severe cases of male-factor infertility. ICSI is a technique that involves injecting a single sperm directly into a mature egg.

During sperm selection at City Fertility, we use a medium called Sperm SlowTM. This medium contains hyaluronan (HA), which binds to sperm that are more likely to have normal DNA, allowing these bound sperm to be selected for injection. Embryologists preferentially use better-quality, more mature sperm by selecting sperm that are bound to HA and using them for ICSI.

Please keep in mind that, while this HA technique is common, it may not be appropriate in all cases, depending on the circumstances.

Please keep in mind that infertility can affect anyone, and while it can be a difficult experience, the good news is that our specialists can assist you in exploring the options available to help you realize your dream of having a child.

Which is better ICSI or IVF?

When there is no male infertility factor, research shows that IVF is just as effective as ICSI, which involves injecting sperm directly into an egg. In these circumstances, the cumulative live birth rates for IVF and ICSI in Victoria were similar. For more details or treatment you can visit our clinic for ICSI IVF Treatment in Mumbai.

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